Top Ten Lies COSAC Residents Tell

Emily Summars is a senior at the University of Oklahoma. During her time at WWFF11 Emily chose to learn more about COSAC City, a halfway home community that COSAC is planning to build.

Photo by Phil Sunkel

Because of the situations that shelter residents come from they aren’t always honest. Staff members have heard so many different stories that they’ve learned to decipher truth from lies.

Here are top 10 lies that Christine Jordan, Front Receptionist, and Roger Wickham, Operations Manager, hear on a daily basis:

10. “I didn’t get any prescriptions in the hospital.”

9. “I don’t have anything.”

8. “‘It wasn’t me’ or ‘I didn’t do it.’”

7. “I’m not on lockdown.”

6. “I swear on my mother’s grave.”

5. “I didn’t take nothin’.”

4. “When residents come back from vending, we hear, ‘Oh what a horrible day, what a horrible day.’ And then, later they’ll come up and want to buy cigarettes. They’ll say, ‘Oh, I’ve had this money forever. I had this when I came in.’” –Roger Wickham.

3. “Yes, I made my bed.”

2. “Someone told me while selling papers, ‘I wasn’t sleeping behind that tree.’” –Christine Jordan.

1. “‘I’m not doing anything wrong.”

The most odd thing I’ll remember is standing over a couple having sex in the cafeteria. Thirty people are around and they’re having sex. She’s just going at it with Chris and she never missed a beat. She was gonna get hers.” –Roger Wickham

-Emily Summars, University of Oklahoma


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