The Program

What happens when college journalists take over a homeless shelter newspaper? This.

Over Labor Day weekend, 2012, 23 student journalists from around the nation – hailing from Florida to Arizona – will visit the COSAC Foundation homeless shelter in Hollywood, Florida. The shelter, which houses up to 150 of the homeless that government shelters can’t handle or refuse to take, is also home a homeless newspaper.

COSAC Foundation homeless shelter

COSAC Foundation homeless shelter

Those 23 students will work Saturday evening and all day Sunday on an issue of the Homeless Voice, the nation’s second-largest homeless newspaper. They will research, report, write, and shoot video and audio for an entire upcoming special issue and website in 36 hours. This site is a collection of their work.

Last year’s staff of 20 published a 20-page special issue in 36 mostly sleepless and very stressful hours. It was then sold on the streets of South Florida by the shelter’s residents. This year will be no different.

The fourth annual Will Write For Food program is sponsored by the South Florida Society of Professional Journalists, SPJ Region 3 and the Florida College Press Association.

Follow their journey on Twitter: @SPJwrite4food.

Take a behind-the-scenes look at all the action with SPJ South Florida’s Tumblr account.


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